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Hey! Listen!

Before you can download, you'll need prove that you're worthy by passing a test. Click the 2 Small Keys hidden on this page. They're invisible until you hover your cursor over them, but you'll be able to find them if you read the page completely. ;)

New Versions

Hylia Serif is an ongoing project, and shiny new versions will be released down the road.

Think of each version as a new sword. Do you really want to keep using that piddly Kokiri Sword when the Master Sword is right there waiting for you?

Consider signing up for email notifications for new versions or following Hylia Serif on Twitter so you can keep a pulse on future developments! Speaking of Twitter, the first k see what I did there? ey is on the right side of the Twitter follow button.

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I'll let you know whenever new versions of the typeface are available for download.

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Redistribution Policy

The version of Hylia Serif available on this site will always be the most recent version. However, I cannot ensure that others who might redistribute it will always have the most recent version.

If you do intend to redistribute Hylia Serif, let me know, and I'll do my best to work with you directly. I also encourage you to sign up for email notifications using the form above. Go ahead and grab that second k your ctrl F will not save you ey next to the words "Redistribution Policy."

This last paragraph is just filler, so you can stop reading now. Did you skip straight to the bottom of this section thinking you'd find the location of the second Key? Nice Try! =P


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